We're coming soon.

October 12th 2015: We have now completed construction of our NEW Tennis Mason website. Now we begin adding detailed content. The new website is dedicated to teaching Tennis ONLINE (one on one), meaning very personalised instruction!

Our product is UNIQUE and very cost effective.

We will continue and always will teach traditional Private and Group Lessons in both Toowoomba and Brisbane. Those interested should contact Jan on 0414 598 004 in business hours with questions and ‘full details’ information for both Children and Adults.

Please scroll down or hit the CONTACT US button below to leave your email. We shall keep you appraised of progress from time to time with video emails and of course our SPECIAL TRIAL OFFER as we launch!

Online Tennis Coaching. Tennis Mason.

You begin by sending one 10sec personal video of you executing an agreed upon stroke/shot. We will analyse it in detail and then send you visual information in an easily explained and detailed manner as to what has to be changed as a commencement priority. We will provide you with a model of the shot to study.

Stroke analysis

Wayne will personally analyze and send his considered opinion with visuals back to you.

2nd opinion

Email Wayne and explain your tennis concern. It may be technical, tactical or something else.

Mentor team

Someone who will provide ongoing feedback on your technique and tactical aspects.