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TENNIS MASON Court-Hire  Toowoomba and Brisbane

Current Court Hire Rates are $12 per hour (7am to 4pm daily) and $20 per hour (4pm to 11pm daily)

Brisbane Court Hire – please scroll to the bottom of the page. (Daytime only Brisbane)

TOOWOOMBA  Offer:  A Court-Hire Package

1 hour court-hire - select an hour from 7am to finish at 4pm daily for $15 MONTHLY

1 hour court-hire - select an hour from 4pm to finish at 9pm daily for $45 MONTHLY


Your FREE Guests - Maximum of 3.


Initial sign-up is for 2 months in advance – either $30 (2 months 7am to 4pm) or $90 (2 months 4pm to finish at 10pm).

The monthly rate to be paid in advance each month and remains fixed for the current calendar year. (Rates may change in January of each Calandar year)

You may quit at any time after the 2 months but should you wish to rejoin at a later time, another 2 months in advance payment is required.

CONDITION 3 – No Shows:

The 1 hour court-hire booking you have is unavailable to others. We have 2 courts so MUST enforce a "no show" policy.

(If you do not show for your booked court we reserve the right to charge a booking fee of $10.)

You may cancel your booking no later than 3 hours prior to your booked time and not incur the no-show fee of $10.


Phone Jan 4633 3333 between 10am and 4pm please (Mon to Sat) with any questions.

You are limited to a 1 hour booking with this package – should you decide to play another hour or two you will have to pay the full court-hire rate UNLESS one of your guests also has our COURT-HIRE PACKAGE.


CONDITION 4 Rain washouts: Sorry no rain credits with this offer but should it rain twice (here at the courts) during the month, we will offer make-up bookings during the same or current month of the booking you have. Rain washout is decided 30 minutes before the booking time and you will be advised by text message. (Your responsibility to advise your guests)


Tennis Mason offers ‘regrips’ for $3 to all monthly plan participants ($6 to guests) – this can be done on the spot as required. Normal cost is $12.

We highly recommend our Membership package for $25 - it really is EXTRAORDINARY!


Cannon Hill Court-Hire BRISBANE - (Currently being renegotiated with the School 20Jan14)

Cannon Hill has 2 Hard-Courts located at the Cannon Hill State School, cnr 845 Wynnum Road and Molloy Road, Cannon Hill. Courts are available during daylight hours only but not during school hours. However they are available during all the school holidays. There is no lighting.

Cannon Hill's hourly rate is $12 per hour but offers a Membership for $75 which allows 12 hours tennis ($6.50 per hour) to be used within 6 months.

Bonus benefits for Cannon Hill Membership are documented below.

Bookings: please book at least 1 day in advance and for no more than 3 days into the future. Call Jan Mason during business hours on  0414 598 004.


Sorry, but the court bookings service is not available on WEEKENDS after 11am Saturdays.

Additional Benefits of Membership:

þ  Members receive a $10 discount for PERSONAL restrings. Contact Jan Mason (see below). Return postage is free for restrings. We shall arrange pick-up of you racquet when you contact Jan.

þ  Overgrips cost $3 and Full Base grips (normally $12) cost $6. You may order grips by phoning Jan  0414 598 004 or the local number below (during business hours) or email us postage for grips is free with a minimum order of $10. 

Cannon Hill MEMBERS may invite guests - up to a maximum of 3 people per court unless 2 courts are booked whereby 2 hours are recorded against the allocated 12 hours. This allows 7 guests to play with you.

Again we stress that Bookings are essential – Phone 3040 1118 (9am to 4pm Monday to Friday). MEMBERSHIP is payable either online (BSB: 084 123 A/C: 45881 1382) or by credit card (Visa MC) in advance please. A 2% credit card usage fee applies.



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