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Also see Other Coaching Options for Brisbane Juniors at the bottom of this page!

Holy Spirit School New Farm (Villiers Street)

The Tennis Court is covered and is lighted. Therefore rain does not present a problem and lessons need not be cancelled. We teach from 3pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. School policy is that the youngest children ("Prep") have the earliest lesson time at 3pm with lessons following at 3.30pm, 4.15pm and 5pm.

The school rightly expects Holy Spirit children receive first priority but generously allows non-Holy Spirit children to fill places not needed. Numerous children have been placed over the years and there has been no problems with this policy. Jan can give a decision on availability the week prior to each term but the earlier we are aware of those wishing lessons, obviously the better for all concerned. All parents are encouraged to call Jan between 9am and 4pm weekdays on 0414 598 004 or fill in the form below with any requests. Jan uses sms text messaging for relaying urgent news. For example, coach sickness or lesson changes requested by the school. We like to get urgent information to parents ASAP!

Each year, during the whole year, we offer different types of lessons and this includes school holidays. We begin this year offering PARENTS of pupils our one hour Cardio workout. Click here for a full description of Cardio Tennis please.

Cannon Hill State School (Wynnum Road and Molloy Road)

There are 2 courts at Cannon Hill but no lighting. Should it rain, our policy which has worked very well over the years, is to make a decision 30 minutes prior to lesson time. Jan will then sms text all parents immediately. Cannon Hill also generously allows non-Cannon Hill children to fill places in lessons and this has been utilised by numerous schools in the area who do not have a tennis court or tennis program.

All parents are encouraged to call Jan between 9am and 4pm weekdays on  0414 598 004 or fill in the form below with any requests. Jan uses sms text messaging for relaying urgent news. For example, coach sickness or wet weather cancellation. 

Each year, during the whole year, we offer different types of lessons and this includes school holidays and Mondays, commencing this year. We begin by offering PARENTS of pupils our one hour Cardio workout. Click here for a full description of Cardio Tennis please. Note that the times mentioned in this article are for Toowoomba. It is hoped to have Adult Cardio Tennis begin on a Saturday in BRISBANE. Do register below - mentioning exactly what your enquiry is about (Cardio, Jr coaching at which school, gifted Junior coaching, etc) and we shall contact you with full commencement details as soon as we have the numbers to begin.

Also we will be introducing a special lesson Monday afternoon for gifted Juniors in the area. This is an advanced lesson and training by Wayne for players of, or close to Tournament standard. TM Junior Coaching Tournament Players - $85 per month for 12 months (total 50 week yearly cost $1,020) for max 8 person groups on 2 courts in school terms PLUS organised 'purposeful' hitting during all holidays - except for 2 weeks - Christmas week and the first week of the New Year. Lessons run for 60 minutes! There is an additional quarterly fee of $75 for Wayne to attend Tournaments in SE Queensland when the player/s involved begin the TQ Junior circuit. Juniors from ANY school in Brisbane are welcome to apply for this dedicated group! About Wayne


Click here for an explanation of Tennis Mason's ONLINE TENNIS Coaching with the article on "The case for Video Analysis" at the bottom of the page!

 General information about Policy and Conditions

 Payment requirements: fees due in advance at time of enrolment to secure the position

 Methods of payment are: Credit card payment (2% surcharge) or direct online. PLEASE DO NOT PAY CASH TO THE COACHES.

If you prefer to pay by cash you may pay in person at the closest nab bank.

Please request that the teller record your name for our remittance info so we know who the payment is from!


OUR BANK DETAILS: bsb: 084 123  a/c: 45881 1382   a/c name: WS Mason  (at nab bank)


Coach sickness or rain washout policy is to offer catch-up lessons

No catch-up lessons are available if a pupil misses a lesson but we will offer them for major injuries (eg broken arm). We do NOT refund fees if someone, after confirming their position and beginning the term, suddenly changes their mind.

 All future term invoices are emailed during the 3rd last week of each term and those fees are due in the last week of that term to secure pupils positions for the following term and to allow for accurate coordination of classes well before each new term commences.


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