Adults/Seniors 2 Person Comps

We begin our move to Fixture (Comp) play for adults on Wednesday Nights from 7 to 9.30pm.

There are numerous Competition formats:

  1. Singles & Doubles
  2. Doubles Only
  3. Mixed or any gender

 There are numerous Team Compositions:

  1. 2 Person
  2. 3 Person
  3. 4 Person
  4. 6 Person (Generally 4 Men/2Women)

 We begin our 1st Comp with the following format:

þ  2 person Teams (Mixed, Ladies, Men) which allows the greatest selection option

þ  1 Singles/ 1 Doubles each player

þ  2 court usage which has play continuous and completed in 90 minutes

This also allows 4 teams to play – doubles on 2 courts at the same time – and finish easily by 9.30pm

This means that 2 teams will commence at 7pm and finish at 8.30pm while the next 2 teams commence at 7.45pm and finish at 9.15pm (we allow an additional 15mins to 9.30pm for comfort)

It is hoped the shorter time commitment will suit more people than the usual 3 to 4hr marathons!

It also provides time to socialize during and after the matches without getting home around midnight.

Cost will be $15 per Night - discover some extra exceptional benefits if you also choose to become a TM Member.

A full draw will be available as soon as we have the number of participants (teams) which will determine start and finish dates. We will SMS you regularly to keep you up to date with progress.



Adults/Seniors Practice Drills         

Wayne has designed numerous practice drills which cover Forehands, Backhands, Volley, Serve and Overhead.

Drills aid you in learning, in a practical way, what to do to win points via self-application. Our practice sessions are fun and will help with your fitness, also helping you build a stronger mental approach.

4 per court on 2 courts for 1 hour:  There is pretty well continuous hitting without the rigour of a cardio workout which serves a completely different purpose.

Day and Time:  Monday and Wednesdays 7 to 8pm or 8 to 9pm

Cost is $15, and some exceptional benefits are also available if you choose to become a TM Member.


TO REGISTER your interest in our Adult Practice Drills, please enter your details, submit any questions and press the submit button. Jan Mason will contact you to discuss your options and answer any questions.





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