Adults/Seniors Friday Social

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Social Tennis in a friendly atmosphere – All standards ….meet with like minded others.

Out of town visitors are most welcome but you must register please. Ph 4633 3333 9am to 4pm (week days).

If you are over 19 and under 101 you may wish to come along Fridays, 7pm to 9pm. Matches are organized and we can supply equipment no cost if you let us know when you reserve your place. Meet and play with like minded others. Complete 3 Matches with different partners each week.

Both Jan an Wayne will be in attendance to ensure you are well looked after.

Please reserve your place with Jan prior to each Friday (phone 4633 3333 Mon to Fri 9am to 4pm) as numbers are limited to 12. Cost is $15. 

Consider becoming a Member (optional) and receive extraordinary benefits - ideal for 'outof towners' - especially if you need 2 pair of shoes, a restring, or regrips - NOW!! 


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