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þ    Our Junior Fixtures Competition (Comp) kicks in as SOON as young players have acquired the basic skills. THEY ARE SUPERVISED by Wayne and Jan Mason personally to ensure the integrity of the matches. Tennis Mason offers various formats for players from 8 years to 18 years (competing after as little as 2 Terms Technical Coaching). Match formats change with age and standard and prepare players for Tournament play which is the next competitive step. Our Junior Competitions have the most experienced coach on the Darling Downs observing every match. Parents are encouraged to observe the Matches which last a maximum of 60 minutes. Equally important and quite unique, Wayne works Tactically with the players during and after these matches to build competitive know-how and to offer the support and experience so necessary for growth and evidenced progress. 

þ    Weekly JUNIOR COMP is currently held during each of the 4 School Terms. FORMAT varies according to age and standard each term. Ideally we prefer a 60 minute 2 person per team format. Each player plays two sets - one singles and one set of doubles. Matches are conducted Saturday mornings in two time tiers, 8.30 and 9.30, changing with daylight saving time as needed.

þ    This moderately competitive format should be understood as a necessary adjunct to coaching because it accelerates the learning process. It is also a lot of fun.

þ    Comp ensures team bonding, personal growth and promotes good manners.

þ     We offer many options regarding availability. This flexibility, coupled with rain can make completing matches complicated especially as we get to the end of the season. The concept that every player will have exactly the same number of matches - regardless of requested days off for whatever reason - is impractical. However, as always we are open to help so do let us know if you have special needs. Our only requirement is that we are advised by 5pm each TUESDAY if unavailable for the following Saturday matches. 

þ    PLEASE note that if you are late to commence your match on time there will be no time to warm up as following matches would then be delayed also. PLEASE arrive 10 minutes before your drawn time so that we start play ON TIME!

þ    Weekly Junior COMPETITION draw will be on our website each Wednesday.

þ    Jan Mason can be contacted weekdays on 4633 3333 between 9am and 4pm re any questions for Comp or you can email her anytime - Click here to email Jan



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