Coaching Philosophy

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offers something unique to the Darling Downs

We also teach/coach juniors in Brisbane at schools at NEW FARM and CANNON HILL with close relationships at Toowong and Chapel Hill. Please contact us for full details or any questions regarding Junior Coaching in either Toowoomba or Brisbane.


  1. Small Groups, each with a clear course of progression from our “Hot Shots” (3 to 6 years), “Tennis Tigers” (6 to 10 years), “Junior Squads” (10 to 18 years), to our “Over 18 and Adult” and “Seniors” Coaching Programs.
  1. School Coaching. We offer free promotional visits to schools. We are available to teach at schools if required. Schools are under no obligation if they request a promotional visit.
  1. Junior Support Programs to enhance and fast-track the learning process – Jr Club Competition, Challenge Ladder and Queensland Tournaments. Improvement is easily monitored and observed by Mr Mason who attends Junior Tournaents where our children are competing.
  1. Senior Support Programs such as 2 person Competitions, Group Workouts /Cardio Tennis, Social Evenings and inexpensive weekly daytime practice sessions for $10 per hour.

      5.  Memberships - EXTRAORDINARY unbeatable benefits for Juniors and Seniors and available to players all over Queensland!!


þ  Our Junior Fixtures Competition kicks in as SOON as young players have acquired the basic skills. THEY ARE SUPERVISED by Wayne and Jan Mason personally. Tennis Mason offers various formats for players from 8 years to 17 years (competing after as little as 2 Terms Technical Coaching). Match formats change with age and standard and prepare players for Tournament play, the next competitive step. Our Junior Competitions have the most experienced coach on the Darling Downs observing every match. Tennis Mason encourages parents to observe Junior Fixture (Comp) Matches which last a maximum of 60 minutes. Equally important and quite unique, Wayne works tactically with the players during and after these matches to build competitive know-how and to offer the support and experience so necessary for growth and evidenced results.

þ  Tennis Mason also provides and supports TOURNAMENT attendance for pupils mainly, but not limited to, the Southern Regions of Queensland.

þ  This years JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP package is un-surpassed at $25 and is available to ALL JUNIORS. You need NOT play or be part of our Tennis Mason Program which makes this offer EXTRAORDINARY in itself!

þ  Wayne has designed and managed many FULL-TIME programs for Juniors and Seniors, and will add a FULL TIME ELITE SQUAD component to the TM Junior Program as our players reach this level - culminating with a Professional 6 week orientation Tournament experience to Europe as individual standards warrant it. Wayne has taken a minimum of 20 Juniors and young adults to Europe (competing in money tournaments - this is NOT a holiday type trip), and has UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE in this area. TM can and has assisted in helping players plan and achieve a Tennis Career either in Playing, Coaching or US University Placements.

þ  Tennis Mason offers numerous options for practicing. Adults on Monday and Wednesday evenings and both Adults and Juniors have the option to book a fixed weekly hour per Month between 7am to 4pm (finish) for as little as $15. 

þ  Our Video Analysis option is unique. We use an American software product. There is a FREE trial with Membership and another offer in the Video Analysis tab on the home page - just scroll down until you discover it!

COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS of what is required for those truly serious about improvement:

  1. Juniors: Belief that their child should go to the largest centre or biggest school where they assume the best Coaches would be! Perhaps, but please interview the Coach as you would any teacher. Ask who the coach has achieved success with and check references and information offered (common practice with people who will be working closely with your child)! Ask and check whether they offer Support Programs to weekly lessons (if so, exactly what are they)? WATCH A FEW LESSONS BEFORE committing and see if you can observe any PROGRESSION (the lesson connecting, building and leading somewhere). Is there order (not confusing 'jumps' with information which can confuse) the learning process? Do you EASILY understand what is being said to the children (if you cannot, then imagine how your child will feel)?
  1. You should be aware if the coach is a PART TIME Coach who cannot possibly have the same depth and experience as a full-time Professional! PROFESSIONALS teach full-time! Our belief is that these days no question is too tough to ask regarding our children. Please feel free to come and OBESERVE us and ASK all the questions you wish. We welcome and recommend Parents come watch as many lessons as they can at Toowoomba Tennis Coaching (Tennis Mason). YOU SHOULD SEE IMPROVEMENT EVERY TERM!
  1. Juniors and Seniors should play twice weekly in addition to a weekly lesson. (30 to 60 minute hitting or playing sessions). (Cost detals - see Court Hire)



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