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We have many photos of TM players and will begin placing them on the website (here) in February of 2014.Feel free to text a tennis image to Wayne 0414 692 600 - OR email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and attach your tennis photo.




2014 Tennis Mason Hannah(above)  Alex(above centre)  Cameron and Mattie(above right)  Brad and Dillon(below left)   Callan and sister(2 below centre)   The Waters girls(2 below right)   2 below left - A Motley Crew(who is that hiding?)  Both courts repaired for $14,000 (Below)

 TorroBradDylan8Jan14  TorroCallanand SisterJan14Torro cts repair web IMGP2634 3Apr12

 TorroMotleyCrew8Jan14TorroCallanand SisterJan14TorroWatersSisters8Jan14





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