Online Coaching

ONLINE COACHING - "Anything you can teach, you can teach Online!"

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Ability to keep a record of EVERYTHING concerning your personal coaching lessons.


  • Proceed at your own pace - not all aspects/shot technique are learned/mastered at the same pace so take breaks and pick up where you left off and ready to move on!


  • You begin by sending one 10sec personal video of you executing an agreed upon stroke/shot. We will analyse it in detail and then send you visual information in an easily explained and detailed manner as to what has to be changed as a commencement priority. We will provide you with a model of the shot to study.


  • When you recognize you have made progress we ask you to have yourself videoed again and send the videoed "improvement" for evaluation. Here, we may likely ask you to send further videos of the shot/stroke we are all working on (following comments we have made on your last video to us), until you see and experience improvement and we concur. We will also, from time to time, send improvement shots, comparing them to the original you began with. This is very motivating, not to mention intrinsically pleasing. You are well "on your way".


  • Please understand and do NOT make the mistake that Online Coaching is just a matter of getting information and 'working' on it. Tennis Mason is with you all the time with decades of coaching experience, knowing what works and when to change methods that may not be working for you. We are personally committed to your best efforts. We truly have a stake in you - our reputation!


  • We suggest you hit a minimum of 3 times per week for best results. This is why we suggest you 'proceed at your own pace' and why the coaching packages are 3 months in length. If you can commit to sending a 10sec video to us every 2 weeks (do not forget, you must be hitting), and your result videos show even gradual improvement, your shots will continue to improve and you will be well aware of it.  


  • Some shots will be corrected quickly but I can assure you that many will require more time so remember you have 3 months, plenty of time. If you break a leg, get the flu or have a hip replacement, we all know there is a time factor (for healing) involved! It is the same for having flaws removed in your technique! We believe in the simplicity of doing the job correctly! You will get results with patience, understanding and your personal application. We know we have priced this service very economically at $100 for 3 months (the price of a 1 hour private lesson from a competent  professional) and welcome all comments.


  • Please accept that changing technique is not as simple as getting the correct information (as opposed to the wrong information), simply making the change and moving on to the next 'problem'! You may laugh but many do not understand the process of first, learning what the problem is, and then securely forming the new habit. (which is why we include the next 'Benefit' which follows.)  


  • EXTREMELY IMPORTANT - 3 Months of bi-weekly support instruction.  Information, often unique to Tennis Mason on the very latest and extremely positive teaching and learning techniques! This will support and help you understand your actual personal video analysis.


  • This service approaches online tennis education as a personal and caring service. All video analysis is of you individually and NOT a generic model - email us on anything not quite understood.


  • The key is the interaction of short videos of you which you submit. They are intepreted and returned with full technical analysis by Wayne Mason. You then work with that knowledge. You will have been given direction on how to make the correct changes to your technique. This information is relayed via email (sometimes VIDEO email) for you to work on - questions are answered via emails until you have made progress. Some technical shots take longer than others to master as already stated. This is a normal. Your individual progress is monotored via requested short videos of the shot in question - just to be certain you are making progress!


  • Input from Audio emails you can listen to on your smart phone or computer! Video emails also to explain numerous concepts but audio furthers your ability to UNDERSTAND the knowledge you are gaining. (e.g. Can you explain the difference between 'knowledge' and 'understanding'?) These insights, learned first-hand from many years of teaching tennis are in themselves invaluable.


  • New resource centre where we are compiling yours and other people's technical questions (with your permission) - with answers and solutions which we can all learn from! All this on Our BLOG - which is accessible from our Tennis Mason website from May, 2014.


  • Videos of some of the best players in the world which will be available on our Facebook Tennis Mason page for you to study and observe for a better personal understanding. (This feature is FREE to anyone and will begin in September of 2014.)


  • Add to all this our FREE NEWSLETTER with relevant short authoritative articles to help you understand and stimulate your learning skills.
If you are a little uncertain as to the viability of learning online, we do understand because the Tennis Mason format is new, first, and radically different, second. 'New' often scares many people as did the power to move a large load via steam or the ability to talk to someone thousands of kilometers away via a wire - when first introduced!
Please request our FREE T M Report "Understanding the Difficulties to learning how to play Tennis...and How to Overcome them." 
FULL COST - All the above, delivered for 3 months on a weekly planned basis and tailored specifically just for YOU by someone who has studied and played tennis over a lifetime. Online coaching is a comfortable (because you proceed at your own pace) and positive experience (because you will be able to measure your own progress) for far less than the cost of any coaching lesson/s. 
Aust$100 (One payment for 3 Months - weekly dedication to your progress) 
(Wayne and Jan background) will assure you of our tennis credibility but do sign up for the FREE REPORT (offered above) to gain a fuller understanding of what Tennis Mason Online Coaching is all about!
email Jan to leave your details or phone +61 7 4633 3333 to begin now.
Alternatively, fill in the form at the bottom of this page - not forgetting to state which opportunity interests you most.
Consider the optional extra MENTOR package below only if you are career serious and 100% committed to a personal goal - otherwise the $100 ONLINE COACHING package is the better option.
The Ultimate OPTIONAL EXTRA - PERSONAL ONE ON ONE MENTOR package with Wayne. Add $50, paid monthly to access the MENTOR program which is detailed at the bottom of this page. Accept that this option realistically requires a 12 month commitment. Mininum commitment is for 3 months for all the personal help and direction you will ever need. Simply email Wayne to arrange the best time for him to phone you to discuss any questions you may have. This 'one on one' option is NOT for children under 16 years.
If your child has a coach and you would like to know how he or she can access the TM ONLINE COACHING information for support then please email Wayne requesting full details. This offer may well be a great asset to remote areas where there may not be a full-time professional!


The case for VIDEO ANALYSIS      (Wayne Mason)

I have had 2 stand-out and indeed enlightening responses to my many queries of others regarding the usefulness of video analysis over the past 4 to 5 years:

In asking a nationally known Australian tennis coach if his organization used video analysis in day to day teaching I was taken aback with the following response – “Yes we do. We use our mobile phones but no, we do not keep a progress record and no, we do not include written explanations.”

The response from a parent of a pupil we ourselves taught and who I greatly respected for that parent’s dedication to supporting their child progress – “I have purchased a video camera that has a slow-motion feature. I play back all those shots in slow-motion and point out any problems requiring attention.”

I reached the following conclusions after many interviews and much questioning:

We are not making anywhere near the full use of this new technology.

Many do not fully understand the benefits to be gained with video analysis.

Some personal beliefs regarding Tennis Coaching: 

  • It is important NOT to overload the pupil with too much detail. Indeed, we should stick to basic principals that in themselves produce tangible results. Often I have heard a pupil exclaim that a result/improvement was felt immediately! Note that the new 'habit' was not immediately formed and simply cannot be  – without repetition and the concentration so necessary to produce the change to the good habit. That said, the pupil experienced an immediate improvement - great and positive, but to progress, pupils must be able to ‘feel the difference’ when the 'old habit' inevitably returns, as it shall until mastered! To be capable of practicing the new skill successfully and form the new habit, the pupil MUST be able to 'feel the difference' themselves. VIDEO ANALYSIS provides the best pathway to help pupils UNDERSTAND exactly what they are actually or currently doing wrong when practicing and precisely how to make the change for a better result or outcome. VIDEO is a vital accessory - especially when in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable professional!
  • Think ‘as if’ is a useful teaching method. Please email me if you would like to know more on this subject or for that matter, on any subject regarding teaching – Click Here
  • Allow pupils to reveal new truths themselves by using a guided discovery approach. 
  • While I agree that it is wise to ‘fix’ only that which is broken I also believe that further technical improvement can be realized, producing even stronger strokes and outstanding results. Again, this is a subjective decision and best left to the very experienced. 
  • We should only tackle technical faults which are evidence based and clearly show either a weakness in the production (evidenced by the outcome or result of the shot) or the pupil’s feel for the shot itself (eg "I have no power. It feels awkward/wrong!") The pupil MUST agree totally with the diagnosis and correction decided upon for the best outcome. If in doubt, the coach should make the decision on the best way to proceed with the pupil conceding by a ‘faith’ already gained in the coach – gained only by time, much experience and positive results of the past. For it is true to say that respect can only be earned in any relationship. Once earned by either party, or especially powerful if reciprocated by both, it is one of the greatest assets we can attain. It is a treasure for the one gaining but equally for the one giving it. All great coaches value it highly as an invaluable asset for successful teaching. 
  • Equally, assuming a shot was not an outright error and the ball made it to the opposite end of the court, it is imperative we study the shot that allows an opponent the opportunity to attack. (Now both technical and tactical aspects can be studied with Video Analysis.)


Some sayings I have learned and found to be true: 

þ    Great teachers have the capacity to stimulate others. 

þ     Great teachers love their craft. 

þ     Great teachers believe something like this, “I’ll show you to your seat – now it is up to you.” (I’ll point you in the right direction and be there as a sounding board and guide but to be really successful you must teach yourself - learn it for yourself in your own way! Then you will own it!) 

þ     Great teachers arouse and inspire and encourage people to “Now go look/search and you will find it yourself!” 

þ     You truly only learn things you teach yourself – Decide to learn!

þ You do not understand something until you can explain it to someone else so that they understand it!

þ    Skill learning or acquiring a technical skill is 80% visual.


CONCLUSION: 2 Opportunities in the use of Video Analysis: 

  1. Technical (how you hit the ball) self improvement 
  1. Tactical (where you hit the ball) self improvement


OPPORTUNITY: 3 self improvement aspects using Video Analysis: 

  1. Stroke analysis 
  1. 2nd opinion 
  1. Mentor


Video Analysis        How we can help you help yourself.

þ    Stroke analysis – With a ‘smart’ mobile phone have a parent or friend take a (10 to 15 second maximum) video of a stroke you are having trouble with. From your mobile email it to Wayne but call my mobile first to get my preferred email address or you may choose to sms/mms your video to  0414 692 600 +61414692600. Remember to have your mobile phone number showing with your text message or we will not know who is sending us the lovely 10-15 second video!!

If it is necessary to shoot the video from another angle or position we will advise you, depending on when we receive it and where we are when receiving it. There will be no extra cost for this service as it is necessary to have the appropriate video to work with. Wayne will personally analyze and send his considered opinion with visuals back to you (do not forget to include your name, email and mobile number with your video). 

Full cost for 5 strokes to be analyzed is A$100 if paid in advance. Individual cost is $30 per stroke.

PLEASE NOTE that your first chosen stroke should be your 1st Serve taken from the side. (We consider the serve the most important stroke and one of the most difficult to master). You have up to 6 months to choose the remaining 4 strokes you wish to have analyzed or you may send all at the one time if you prefer. 

We suggest you space each out and work on one at a time. You should discover that as you build and improve one shot, the following shots become a little easier and the intervals will become shorter also. Take your time and enjoy working on your shots with specific drills. As you improve you will gain more confidence. Your shots will become more stable and more reliable. When you are ready the additional pressure of match play cements the newly formed 'good' habit. (habits formed become automatic and reside in the sub-conscious, allowing you to now fully concentrate on tactics and strategy). You will begin to see a connection between all your shots – a kind of synergy. You feel as if everything is just flowing. Many good players refer to this as being 'in the  zone'!   It’s exciting! 

þ    2nd opinion

Many people seek a 2nd opinion on many things, especially if they feel they are making little headway. There can be numerous reasons for seeking a 2nd opinion. The bottom line is that whatever the outcome, you will either confirm what you are working on is correct and move ahead with more self-confidence with or without minor adjustments, or you will discover a better method – a new direction. 

Email Wayne Click Here and explain your tennis concern. It may be technical or tactical or something else to do with tennis. You may prefer to send a DVD or USB stick. It is up to you but Wayne must form a clear picture of the problem or concern you have. We will get back to you – perhaps with questions or even a simple solution you may not have thought of. 

Minimal cost is $30. Some 2nd opinions may require more time and effort and therefore cost more. However, you will be fully advised in advance of any cost above $30 for you to approve in advance - no surprises! 

Please note, 2nd opinion concerns coaching and your personal tennis improvement and is NOT a tennis quiz – e.g. ‘who won what and when or where’ or to ask court dimensions or rules interpretation etc. 

þ    Mentor  “a wise and trusted counsellor or teacher” 

Please, this option is for the serious -  either a truly dedicated mature Junior or Senior player who wishes to give it everything. That person IS committed! (What I refer to as a person who “comes to play!”)   

You may be a beginner or a seasoned tournament player. Both types have a secure work ethic.  

I have been there and have lived tennis, playing and teaching all my life –  About Wayne and Jan tab.

A good Mentor is a person who can support and direct you. A good Mentor is one who knows that there are hurdles and problems to overcome and certainly one who knows how to stay the course! Most successful athletes and achievers of all types have Mentors.

MENTOR Job description for tennis: 

  • Someone who will provide ongoing feedback on your technique and tactical aspects.
  • Someone who will oversee your physical training program and perhaps make suggestions. (Here I refer to tournament players - but you may be a serious adult seeking technical improvement only?)
  • Someone who will provide assistance with the Goals you set and more importantly on how to realize them.
  • Someone who will ‘keep you honest’ with yourself because you realize and accept there is no other way if a high goal is set and results expected. (Again Goals set by you and not me!)
  • Someone who has absolutely no problem if you prefer to stay with your current coach. You are the major concern as we see it. Wayne maintains that all this can be achieved ONLINE at a far lower cost if attitude and communication are securely in place. (A Mentor is first of all one who counsels, a part of your team). 

If you believe you would like to take the next step, email Wayne Click Here and include your personal details with all contact information. Briefly explain why you believe a good Mentor would help you and what you think they should be doing for you. 

Do not feel you should provide details of your tennis goals at this time but include them if you wish. Offer as much tennis information as you feel comfortable doing. You may prefer to send this information by post. You may wish to provide a video of you playing or hitting. You may wish to give other background information that you believe important.

VERY IMPORTANT, if you are under the age of 18, have your parents contact me personally before any further action on your part. 

We communicate by email, mobile, video emails, sms often, skype and landlines. If, from what you tell me, I believe I can help, I will contact you, your parents first if you are under 18 years.

I will also make contact if I believe I cannot help. Simply fill in the form below and Wayne will contact you by phone to discuss options and answer any questions.

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