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For 2013 we remodelled the club house. Racquet sales are a serious objective and the choice will expand as we move ahead.

The Shop will be manned from 4pm - beginning February 4th - and remain open Monday to Friday during Junior Coaching and until Adult Coaching, Cardio and Adult Social evenings conclude each weekday evening.

Apart from being open Saturday Mornings from 9am please feel free to email us or phone 4633 3333 to arrange a special time more suitable to you. Jan and Wayne are here most days and live on the premesis. 

We currently await delivery of our new Coffee Machine to serve Drinks from the Clubhouse so that customers may visit, demo a racquet on the court immediately and enjoy a coffee in the shade after play or while waiting for an on the spot restring! Coffee is FREE if you purchase a racquet or restring and only $2.50  otherwise!

No one in town knows more about racquets and no one in Queensland has strung more tennis racquets!

Try Tennis Mason and test us for the best service in town!

Demo a Racquet - Toowoomba


Tennis Mason believes that any racquet over $150 should have a DEMO available. We have demos for many racquets under that price also so you can see for yourself that you do not have to pay as much as you may think for a really good racquet.

Information like materials used, construction method, strung weight, balance, head size, stiffness (RA) and Swing Weight are very useful but one of the best methods we now have – is our FREE DEMO Program.

 The FACT is…….. no-one can tell you what you will like or not like. But from what you tell us about your tennis game and needs, we can better point you in the right direction, cuting the confusion factor. We will not mislead you either. Many times we have saved people money they have NOT needed to spend. Please do not forget to fill in the DOB field below as knowing your age is a factor also!

 The information you give us will help us narrow the selection field for you - then the DEMO process to select the perfect weapon yourself will be way less stressful.



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