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Many people from out of Toowoomba drop their racquet off in the morning and pick it up in the afternoon when returning home. Just email us to let us know approximately when you will be calling in so we can guarantee that your racquet will be ready when you need it - the same day!

Alternatively, fill in the form below, which will reach us wherever we may be so that time may be allocated immediately to give you the quickest possible service!

On the court, you break a string, then SMS Jan 0414 598 004 asap to let us know immediately!

Coffee is FREE when you visit if you purchase a racquet or restring and if you are happy to wait. However we cannot possibly guarantee this incredible service for obvious reasons so we ask you please to book your restring NOW via any of the 3 methods above!

 No one in town knows more about racquets and no one in Queensland has strung more tennis racquets!

We have a choice of over 20 string types and easily 500 sets of string in stock! 



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